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Radio Spaetkauf Berlin

Mar 9, 2018

Bike thefts are down 11% in Berlin. Just over 30,000 bikes were reported stolen in the past year, 4000 less than the year before. Has the flood of shared bikes helped? There’s been a cherry tree massacre at the Garten der Welt in Marzahn. Seventeen cherry trees were chopped down on Sunday. The kirchbäume were the garden's biggest drawcard each spring during the cherry blossom season. The gardens have been targeted by protests over a plan to have sheep and cattle graze on nearby paddocks. Don’t be confused if soon see U3 trains running on the U1 line. The BVG is extending the U3 all the way to Warschauer Straße to increase service frequency. In the past 10 years, passenger numbers have increased by 17%, but there are about 5% less carriages. The Berlin Feminist Film Week is on now with a programme of movies made by women, transgender and queer film-makers. It runs until Wednesday March 14. This episode is brought to you by RadioEins, and presented by Maisie Hitchcock and Joel Dullroy.