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Radio Spaetkauf Berlin

Jan 22, 2017

How big is Berlin's marijuana market? We interview podcaster Diane Arapovich who investigated the weed economy and found Berlin is the greenhouse of northern Europe, supplying even Amsterdam. Listen to her full German language podcast Die Stadt und Das Gras for more: Was it fair for Andrej Holm to be fired from Humboldt University, just days after resigning under pressure because of his brief Stasi past? Joel and guest Konrad Werner think not. The academic has spent his adult life fighting to make housing affordable for poor people, a career that surely redeems his youthful error. This year marks the end of an era at Berlin's Volksbühne Theater. Long-time intendant Frank Castorf will be replaced by Tate Modern director Chris Dearcon. Konrad Werner explains why the Berlin theater scene is upset over the switch. You've got until summer to get along to Volksbühne and catch one of the last Castorf productions. Radio Spaetkauf needs your support! We're asking our audience to donate at least one euro a month to help us bring you more local Berlin news: Thanks to Mobile Kino for giving us free movies. Check out their Xavier Dolan program: