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Radio Spaetkauf Berlin

Nov 17, 2014

Berlin has a new mayor - Michael Müller, the man who headed the failed attempt to build on Tempelhof field. Will the city like being run by the man whose development plan they rejected? The 25th anniversary of the fall of the wall was celebrated with white balloons being released - and many of the stands being stolen. But the city says it won't hunt down those who nicked a stand. We talk to visting journalist Nalina Eggert about the anniversary. The company behind the famous nightclub Kater Holzig has filed for bankruptcy, in what appears to be a tricky maneouver to avoid paying its bills. The party continues in a different location under a new name and new legal entity, which plans to build apartments and restaurants on the site of the original club Bar 25. This show presented by Joel and Andrew, with help from Nalina Eggert. Music from The History of Colour TV and Erfolg.