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Radio Spaetkauf Berlin

Sep 19, 2016

The Berlin election results are in. And it looks like the SPD's Michael Müller will remain mayor, if he can build a coalition with two other parties - most likely Die Grüne and Die Linke. This election was a protest against the major parties. Every party lost votes, except for AFD (+14.2%), FDP (+4.9%) and Die Linke (+3.9%). Michael Müller's SPD won the most votes, with 21.6% and 38 seats. But that's down 6.7% from five years ago. It's the SPD's worst performance in Berlin since World War 2. Frank Henkel's CDU also lost big, dropping to 17.6%, a loss of 5.7%. Also a historically terrible performance. Radio Spaetkauf co-host Jöran Mandik ran for election in the district of Neukölln 1 as a journalistic exercise. And he got... 66 votes! At least he beat the candidate from the neo-nazi NPD party, who got 52 votes.