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Radio Spaetkauf Berlin

Dec 19, 2016

Should a man who once trained with the Stasi be allowed to run Berlin’s housing department? Professor Andrej Holm has been named city secretary for housing. He's been the most vocal critic of the city’s policies for many years, and advocates high taxation on real estate speculation. His critics say he shouldn't have such an important job because in 1989 he joined a Stasi training academy. His supporters say a person's mistake as an 18 year old shouldn't affect them 26 years later. Should the city install more security cameras, after that terrible kicking attack in an U-bahn station? Berlin was shocked by a video showing a man kicking a woman in the back, sending her flying down the stairs of the Hermannstrasse U-Bahn station. The man was caught on a bus after being recognized by a passenger. The new R2G has promised to reduce the number of surveillance cameras in public places. And should the city take free money to rebuild an imperial monument? The federal government wants to give Berlin €18.5M to rebuild the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial. Why not build something new instead? Want to protect your data while using the BVG's free WiFi network (or any other)? Join our guest Adam Burns at a Cryptoparty: It's cold out. If you see someone on the street in danger of freezing, call the Kaltbus on 0178 523 58 38. Become a Radio Spaetkauf supporter! Donate just €1, €5 or €10 a month to help us bring you the news. Go to and click "Donate." This episode was recorded at Comedy Cafe Berlin on Sunday December 18. It was presented by Maisie Hitchcock, Joel Dullroy and Daniel Stern. Thanks to Katharina Bille for video work, and Joshua Alas from Mobile Kino for sound.