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Radio Spaetkauf Berlin

Feb 9, 2013

Berlin's transport company, the BVG, doesn't like graffiti, so when two filmmakers decided to make a film about trainwriting (graffiti on trains) in Berlin, the BVG managed to get it banned. After two years, the ban has been lifted and the film is now set for general release. We talk to the the men behind 'Unlike U: Trainwriting in Berlin' about their fight to get the film shown. Also on the show: After another PhD plagiarism scandal hits German politics, we discuss whether the country's obsession with academic qualifications is causing politicians to cut corners. And we talk about how the legendary Tacheles has reopened - but not to the public - as well as toxic graffiti, the Berlin robber tunnellers using Facebook to fool the police, and how Berlin's housing crisis may save the much maligned GDR 'Plattenbau.' This episode aired on Sunday February 10 on Berlin's This is the MUSIC FREE version. To hear the FULL VERSION, go to