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Radio Spaetkauf Berlin

Jul 1, 2013

For our second summer special, we’ve taken our own advice and journeyed out to the lakes and woods of South East Brandenburg. But before that, we start off in Berlin, where we talk about a new threat to affordable rent, another endangered East German building, why wearing a bike helmet can save you money, and how former Stasi informants make new careers under capitalism. Then we head out to Klingemühle, a former GDR holiday camp in the Naturpark Schlaubetal in Brandenburg. We meet its inhabitants, Buenaventura e.V, who tell us about the camp’s history, what they’re doing there and making the transition from Berlin to the countryside. Plus a child of the GDR talks to us about holidaying in the East and we have a chat with the organisers of Camp Tipsy, the DIY festival in a forest. Campfire songs come from Nadia Buyse and Dirty Beaches.