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Radio Spaetkauf Berlin

Apr 21, 2013

Berlin's abandoned theme park, Spreepark at Plänterwald, is to be auctioned off, with a starting price of €1.62 million. The new owners will get all the rides, but will be obliged to keep operating it as an amusement park. For more about the history of Spreepark, listen to Joel's audio report from 2009 here: Obama is visiting Berlin in June for the 50th anniversary of the famous "Ich bin ein Berliner" speech. What witty one-liner will he come up with to outdo JFK?Send us your ideas for the president via Twitter. How much do you pay for your room in a shared flat? The average prices have been released: €292 in Berlin, compared to €493 in Munich. For a cheaper option, an entrepreneur plans to build a village of shipping container apartments near Treptow. A bed in a cargo crate will cost you €220 a month. International language teachers in Berlin are demanding better conditions. They are leading a series of strikes to draw attention to the big differences in pay between Germans and foreigner teachers in schools. Their message: foreigners shouldn't feel frightened about standing up for their rights. What did kids in the DDR play, while the western world played Monopoly? Maisie interviews two members of Nachgemacht, a collective obsessed by the home-made board games created in East Germany.