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Radio Spaetkauf Berlin

Jul 20, 2015

Have you been attacked by bugs at Tempelhof at lately? Swarms of June bugs are emerging at sunset to look for food, and are flying into people’s heads. Radio Spaetkauf’s insect expert Jöran explains what the bugs are up to. Should Berlin have a commuter ferry service along the river and canals? A pair of architects have come up with a bold proposal to extend the public transport system to the water. The ferries would run in a circuit along the Spree, Landwehrkanal and connecting waterways. Other cities have commuter ferries, why not Berlin? Although Berlin is home to a huge population of gay people, the city government is shamefully refusing to join in the global trend toward marriage equality for all. Berlin’s representatives in the Bundesrat recently abstained from voting on a bill proposing marriage equality, under pressure from the city’s CDU leader Frank Henkel. Berlin was once governed by a gay man, now it is under the control of a conservative Christian. Radio Spaetkauf is the Berlin podcast, bringing stories from the city. Hosts Joel, Jöran and Daniel read you the news in English to make you feel more at home.