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Radio Spaetkauf Berlin

Jul 27, 2015

Listen to the first ever live Radio Spaetkauf, recorded in front of an audience of film fans at the Mobile Kino Weekender and featuring an interview with Mobile Kino founders Fernando and Joshua. On this episode we follow up Jöran's Tempelhof bug investigation, look into the costs of having a visit from the Queen and discuss whether or not there is any point in opposing Merkel for re-election. We also check back in on the späti petition and the plight of marriage equality in Germany, where the CDU has taken an internal vote to see what their members think about gay marriage. This weekend while we were camping there was a new version of the famous "Love Parade" through Berlin and we take a look at the coverage of it along with other stories on this very special episode recorded live at the Mobile Kino Weekender, a cinematic camping trip in the woods of Brandenburg. Radio Spaetkauf is the Berlin podcast, bringing stories from the city. Hosts Joel, Jöran and Daniel read you the news in English to make you feel more at home.