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Radio Spaetkauf Berlin

Sep 22, 2013

Don't worry, that "Go Home Tourrorists" election poster was only a joke by one of Germany's many satirical parties - although it might have been a viable vote-winner if it were real. The election is over, but one group of Germans wants to reform the voting system by gifting their votes to foreigners. We interview the initiator of the Electoral Rebellion program. Berlin's bumpy bike lanes may get smoothed over after the city government pledged €4 million to improve cycle routes across the city. This comes after Berlin was ranked the 24th most cycle-friendly city in Germany - quite far from the top. What's wrong with this poster? A graphic designer found out that using the German flag on a gig poster can incite unpatriotic Germans to tear the offending symbol down. Maisie share her traumatic story of being fined on the S-Bahn for not having a bike ticket, and Joel pours scorn on Robben & Weintjes, the truck rental company that enjoys blowing smoke in your face. Music by Skiing, who are playing a show at Westgermany on September 26. Come along!