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Radio Spaetkauf Berlin

Dec 1, 2013

Berlin's fast-rising rents may be slowed by two political developments. The federal coalition between the CDU and SPD has promised to put in new controls on rental prices. Even new rental contracts, which have previously been uncapped, will now be limited to a 10 per cent increase. And on a local level, the Berlin senate has introduced tough new restrictions on the commercial use of apartments for holiday flats. By banning ferienwohnung, the city hopes to release more apartments for residential use. In another positive move for poorly-paid Berliners, the new federal coalition has also agreed to implement a minimum wage of 8.50 EUR an hour. But the wage won't come into effect until 2015, and even when it does it will not be a huge improvement. The Radio Spaetkauf team has another solution - why not start a campaign for a London-style living wage that reflects the real cost of working in the city? Maisie interviews Bo Van, an architect who has created the Unreal Estate House, a temporary mobile construction that he invites anyone to stay in for free, to challenge the idea of property ownership and encourage civic participation. Tonight's song comes from Bra Bra Bra, an all-female band from Berlin.