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Radio Spaetkauf Berlin

Jul 8, 2022

Jöran has just started looking for a therapist and can’t believe how impossible it seems. Matilde is in therapy and still gets anxiety recalling her search.

On this episode they swap stories and explain the basics about Germany’s mental health system. They talk to several people who’ve done it all before. And they explain the first steps to take.

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Show Notes:

Georg switched health insurers to get timely access to care (he’s now with BKK-VBU). He also frequently called the Berliner Krisendienst:

Jöran tried Berlin Institute for Psychotehrapy and Psychoanalyse (BIPP):

Others went straight to a Hausarzt (a general doctor). But you can get an initial assessment appointment by calling: 116 117.


Get Help Berlin is created, written, produced and presented by Matilde Keizer and Jöran Mandik. Additional production and writing by Joel Dullroy and Anne-Marie Harrison. Music is by Ducks! and Tom Evans. Artwork is by Molly Rose Dyson. This is a production of Radio Spaetkauf, Berlin’s news podcast.

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