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Radio Spaetkauf Berlin

May 17, 2015

The new rental price index comes out soon, which will give Berlin landlords an excuse to try to increase rents. At the same time, a new initiative is trying to force a referendum on rental issues by collecting signatures. Foreign residents aren’t permitted to sign the petition, but Daniel and Joel argue that we should sign anyway to indicate our frustration at being denied political participation. The Radio Spaetkauf team reflect on the most recent May Day protests and celebrations. The former revolutionary holiday has become a huge street festival, with crowds so large that U-Bahn stations are closed to prevent overcrowding in central Kreuzberg. Has the city’s strategy of turning May 1 into a party worked? After last episode’s warnings about new drug prohibitions in Görlitzer Park, it seems drugs are popping up everywhere in local news. Cannabis was found to be growing wild on the Kottbusser Tor roundabout, cocaine was found in banana boxes at Aldi supermarkets, and the dealers in Görli are carrying on unperturbed. Listeners worried about Maisie and Andrew’s absence can rest assured - they’re traveling and will be back on future episodes, along with new co-hosts Jüri and Daniel.