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Radio Spaetkauf Berlin

Mar 16, 2014

Radio Spätkauf is Berlin's English-language news programme. This week: Did you sign the Tempelhof petition? If you're not German, you weren't entitled to, as only citizens are allowed to have a say at regional and national elections and referendums. We talk to Walhrecht Für Alle about who can and can't vote. This month is your last chance to visit the Zeiss Planetarium in Prenzlauer Berg before it closes its doors for a year. The 30-year old Cosmorama projector needs to be replaced. A series of free events on the last weekend of March will let you experience this DDR gem. Music this week comes from Robyn Hitchcock, a renowned British singer-songwriter who is playing at Monarch bar in Berlin on March 27. Full disclosure - Robyn is Maisie's dad, and Joel is the support act. Links: http://wahlrechtfü