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Radio Spaetkauf Berlin

Dec 20, 2014

On our final episode for 2014: Berlin’s most famous mural has disappeared under a coat of black paint. The Blu mural at Schlesisches Tor was erased by the original artists themselves. Maisie gives her tips on how not to be saddened by the city’s constant evolution. Former mayor Klaus Wowereit is likely to be given a free U-Bahn pass as part of his post-job perk package. We discuss how both the top and bottom of Berlin society ride the trains without paying. The new and exclusive Mall of Berlin has been renamed the Mall of Shame by former workers, who are campaigning to get paid fair wages. The shopping center was constructed by Romanian workers who claim they were mistreated and left underpaid by the development company, which has now filed for bankruptcy. The Club Commission thinks the whole building should be taken over and turned into a culture center instead. Berlin columnist John Riceburg shares his story about witnessing his neighbor’s eviction, and his thoughts on what should be done to prevent people being thrown out of their homes. Read more of his work at Thanks for listening during 2014! Special thanks to Rico Valtin of the podcast Außer Der Reihe for sharing his microphones with us all year.